Technology of Meetings

The Platform For Digital Events

Product Presentations
Training Courses

Digital Twins
Extended Communication

& Conferences

Public Exhibition, trade fairs, in-house exhibition, theme fairs e.g. job fairs, conferences, symposium, conventions, panel discussions.

Showrooms & Virtual Reality

Interactive 3D-objects in personalized 3D-rooms, as well as an extension to a webpage or as a stand-alone-VR-application.

Remote Office &
Digital Branch Office

Home office solution. Replicas of buildings. International meetings und workshops. Maintenance of business contacts. Digital branch offices.

Training &
Further Education

3D-rooms and objects specifically for training courses and further education. Industry oriented training courses on robotics, control systems and HMIs.

ToM in Direct Comparison to Video Conferences and 2D-Events



ToM – Technology of Meetings

Software Video Conference: Zoom, Teams, etc..

2D-Surfaces for


Ability to move freely +
Ability to freely change perspective +
Interactive environment + +
Dynamic environment +
Immersive environment +
Controls with less clicks +
Navigation with less clicks +
Combine different media + +
Combine different media and exhibits +
Combine different forms of communication + + +
Personalization of environment +
Standardization of environment + +
Environment in corporate design + +
Customer journey +
Individualized exhibition booth +
Standardized exhibition booth + +
Combinations of exhibition booths +
Secondary use of exhibition booth on homepage +
Exhibition booth directly visible to all users +
Synergy effects with all exhibitors + +
Synergy effects with casual customers +
Meetings by chance +
Product presentations + + +
Digital Twins +
Animated Exhibits + +
Interactive Exhibits + +
Interface for remote control of exhibits +
Interface for Industry 4.0 Infrastructure (OPC UA) +
Different exhibits in a single room/booth +
Live interaction between exhibitor/visitor + +
Live interaction between visitors + +
Limited live interaction between visitors + + +
Exchange of contact details/business cards +
Communication primarily via Avatar +
Communication primarily via webcam +
Communication optionally via webcam + +
Communication primarily via chat +
Communication optionally via chat + +
Share screens + +
Video + +
Live Stream +
Different Media at the same time in a room/booth +
Lectures + + +
Lectures in a team + +
Lectures in front of an interactive screen +
Lectures with animated exhibits +
Lectures on exhibition stand +
Panel discussions +
Panel discussions in front of an interactive screen +



Exhibitions at Their Best

Discover it for yourself and take a digital tour. At our large exhibition there is a lot to see. Visit the exhibition booths which have already been booked for the two events on the 24th of November. You still have the chance to take part at the “Smart Automation” or the “Virtual Manufacturing Day”

Your mouse and the WASD keys or the arrow keys are your controls. Press M for the snazzy menu.

Have fun!

Interactively Choose Your Colors

Design your own exhibition booth. Select colors for the tables and chairs and decide if you you prefer wood or brick for the walls.

Your mouse and the WASD keys or the arrow keys are your controls.

Have Fun!

The Big Stage

Surprise yourself with our animated 3D-environment. Experience walking through our large conference room and taking center stage.

Your mouse and the WASD keys or the arrow keys are your controls.

Have Fun!


Cost Effective


No Travelling



“The virtual exhibition feels surprisingly real!”

Thomas Dehm, Siemens (Handelsblatt)


“Despite my initial skepticism the exhibition was a great success with interesting discussions, a lot of new contacts and lively exchanges with the other exhibitors and participants.”

Michael Ries, Stäubli WFT


“The virtual exhibition felt surprisingly real – except for the fact that my feet weren’t sore in the evening. As I was sitting at my PC with my headset on.”

Thomas Dehm, Siemens

“We use the term “leap frogging” in the project development when we skip the next development step. That’s the same experience I had, as an exhibition veteran (with more that 20 years of being an exhibitor), as I walked through the virtual exhibition. I am still very impressed and curios to see how this develops – even after Corona!”

Udo Traeger, Exhibition Doctors

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