Technology of meetings

The Future of Events

With Technology of Meetings (ToM) the organization and execution of your various events is made easy. As we move your meetings, trainings and exhibitions into the digital world.

With ToM you have your product perfectly positioned in the digital limelight. Because we design and animate your exhibit in a virtual showroom according to your wishes and expectations.

Demonstrate your digital competence and expand your business communication into another dimension.

Easily Accessible

Works on Windows-PC, Mac or Linux. As ToM is web-based, your events are accessible from everywhere – simply through your internet browser.

Suitable For Crowds

Several hundred participants at a live event? That’s exactly what ToM is built for – made possible by the ingenious technology and optimized asset.


The choice is yours. With ToM you are completely free in the design of your event. Individual wishes and customer specific features are our strength.


The more the... Cheaper!

Events or individual elements once created can be easily modified and re-used. Cost and effort is significantly reduced.

Industry 4.0

With the integrated OPC-UA interface, ToM can be integrated into every Industry 4.0 infrastructure – from remote applications to digital twins.


ToM doesn’t just allow your time to be used efficiently. You reduce travel, transport, logistics and you reduce the waste produced by your events.

That’s Why ToM Works



To enable a super immersive experience, the 3D world of ToM focuses on using familiar structures with intuitive controls.


Our brains effortlessly and unconsciously accept the human avatars and the animated environment as real.



The participant immerses into the 3D world. Which slips into the background of perception and makes room for a full and real experience.



It also has the effect that over time the 3D environment is less tiring as the click-intensive 2D surfaces or webinars and video conferences..


That’s why the 3D world of ToM works. That’s why ToM is fun. That’s why ToM will get the full attention of the participants at your next event!

All you need

is a computer with internet access. Visit exhibitions and events from the comfort of your own favorite place.

Forget about the travel stress and use every minute of your time effectively.

With Tom you will…


… fully take advantage of digitalization.


… overcome space and time restrictions.


… significantly reduce effort and cost.


… increase your network and reach.


… perfectly position your products in the digital limelight.


… convince with digital competence.